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We are Xero accountants, based in Woolton, South Liverpool and work with cloud-based clients across the UK.

Running a business is hard work, so being armed with live financial information is important for any business wanting to grow and thrive. Xero is the UK’s market leading cloud accounting software with more businesses using it than any other online accounting product and we love it. If you’re already using it, great, you’ll understand why.

You can access your data and software from anywhere when your accounting system is cloud based, giving you a clear and up-to-date view of your financial position. And, helping you answer the important questions like “What is my profit?”, “Who owes me money?” and “Who do I need to pay?”

Xero makes collaborating easier too. You control and approve the users for your organisation who can access your accounting records from anywhere. It allows your accountant to be more hands on in and give the support you need. That means day-to-day issues that crop up are dealt with efficiently and you can form a deeper, more value-added relationship with your accountant. We love talking to our clients and Xero allows us to work more closely with them, so you get better advice to make better decisions about your business.

You can raise invoices on the go, so you get paid more quickly

In addition to this, being in the cloud makes it possible to connect your Xero account with any of the huge number of apps on the Marketplace. We use apps like Receipt Bank to automatically process your bills, TripCatcher to record your mileage and GoCardless to help you get paid faster. Xero is so powerful, it makes your life easier and builds a financial system that fits your business.

Xero accounting software: Who is it for?

Xero is cloud-based accounting software designed to be the small business solution. Record keeping is easy so meeting your record keeping obligations for HMRC and Companies House is a doddle. Don’t forget, Making Tax Digital (MTD) has already started with VAT. MTD for Corporation tax and Self-Assessment is just around the corner too. By using Xero, MTD is no longer a concern and you can be confident you will be compliant.

Xero grows as you grow. Not everyone needs to process high volumes of transactions in the early days, so you can set up Xero to fit your needs. If you grow to be a high volume, high transaction business, Xero can grow with you. Meaning you only pay for what you need, when you need it. So, if you’re a start-up or a well-established business, Xero is the perfect solution.

We work with different types of business, particularly Legal, Medical, IT, Landlords, Professionals and Business Consultants and, so far, no issues with Xero, only benefits. Business performance, profitability and key insights are easy to measure. We can see budget information and prepare forecasts so you can build a more predictable business, and plan resources the future with more certainty.
We had the foresight to became Xero partners back in 2011, so we have the experience and expertise to make sure benefit from the best cloud accounting software on the market. Don’t worry if you haven’t used it, you can make the jump to Xero anytime…we are certified migration specialists.

What are the Benefits of using Xero? 

  • Easy to use and saves you time, as many bookkeeping and accounting tasks can be automated
  • Automated direct bank feeds from your bank accounts reduces the risk of manual errors 
  • Bank rules can be set up in Xero to speed up the allocation of payments and receipts
  • Your accounts automatically reconcile as VAT, accounts, tax is prepared in the same place
  • VAT reporting and analysis is made easier
  • Xero mobile app allows sales invoices and expenses to be raised on the go
  • It looks good, branded sales invoices that can be emailed direct to clients containing links to payment apps, so you get paid faster
  • Repeating sales invoices can be set up for retainer clients saving you lots of time and improving cashflow
  • Automated payment reminders can be set up, so overdue sales invoices can be chased by Xero
  • Receipts/invoices/quotes can be attached to transactions, better for your accountants, your clients and HMRC
  • Xero financial reports are easy to run and read, no need for your accountant to translate them
  • Tracking categories can be set up to monitor your business, by area, team, product, geography…great for managing projects
  • Hundreds of apps can integrate with Xero. Using the right app stack, provides you with a tailored solution that can increase your productivity and unlock potential

Did we say, Xero is Making Tax Digital Ready!

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