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YOU COME because you trust us to take care of the numbers leaving you to get on with business... YOU STAY because you want more than just a year end accountant... YOU ARE ambitious, want to learn and be empowered with your finances... YOU WANT a team who get you, who are as excited about your business as you are...


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We help you cover all the accounting bases so you don't sweat the small stuff... No more worrying about where your money is going, or how big the tax bill will be... We empower you to help your business reach its full potential...

Our Values


Saying we care is not enough, we want you to feel it. At all times we must demonstrate through our actions that we care about the success of our clients and their personal goals.We want to provide you with genuine peace of mind and a real sense of, "We've got you"


We want you to thrive and achieve your business goals and get the lifestyle rewards. We support your business through each stage of its development. Providing the right combination of support at every stage through valuable business insights and great advice.


No two businesses are the same. We want to understand so we can tailor the best solution, strategy and approach for you. We don't project the same rigid solution on to every client. We listen, learn and match our services to meet your personal and business needs.


Stick to your commitments and deliver what is expected. This builds bridges of trust. When trust is cultivated, both clients and team members will listen to your advice and act on your counsel. How we do this... We clarify expectations We stick to commitments

Meet Joan Adams - AOR Founder & Director

Image of Joan Adams - Adams O'Rourke Founder & Director

Why did I start in business?

Back in 2008, I was juggling a busy lifestyle, with 3 young children and returning to a challenging and rewarding career in industry post maternity leave.  It was then that I considered how am I going to balance my family life alongside my job and career ambitions.  So, I decided, the only way to achieve the best fit for me and my family was to build a business that worked for me.

What happened next?

The transition from being an accountant in a blue-chip company versus working in practice to support SME business was a huge one.  I had to go back to basics and retrain in some areas that I hadn’t dealt with in a huge organisation, for example, payroll.  It was through this process and working with my first few clients, that I quickly realised that SME business owners were not able to access the time, attention and support larger companies had access to.  Very quickly, I realised the potential and how rewarding it would be to support these business owners.  It’s for this reason I’m so passionate about supporting clients all year round, (not just at year end) and helping them to grow their businesses, partner them to achieve their career ambitions, so they too can reap the lifestyle rewards.

What are my bragging rights?

Chartered Management Accountant, XERO partner since 2011, XERO Sole Practitioner of the Year 2023 award winner, nominated for Rolls Royce PLC graduate of the year award, working in partnership with great clients through shared values.

What can you ask me about?

Saving tax, saving time and how to grow your business the right way to reap your lifestyle rewards

Are you ready to find out more?

What some of our clients say...

Right from the start Joan took the time to calmly walk me through the requirements for Companies House and HMRC, ensuring that everything was clear and in doing so she set the tone for our relationship over the years. I have always had complete confidence in Joan and her vast and detailed knowledge in all accountancy matters. Joan and her team are complete professionals and I could always count on them to supply clear and concise reports and when I needed to submit documentation then it would be sent quickly and accurately, without fail. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adams O’Rourke.
Mark Briggs
Director, Consultimus Limited