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The onboarding process is a critical system as it’s the first experience you, as a new client have of us.  It’s also the runway that commences launch of our services.  The onboarding system is made up of 4 key pathways which run in parallel with each other and ensure the most efficient onboarding process. 

The Launch sequence

The launch system runs all the other onboarding systems. It starts when you press accept on your proposal and stops when your onboarding meeting has taken place and delivery of services begins.

Professional clearance

The clearance process can be a challenge as we're dealing with a 3rd party and we're relient on them to act efficiently. So, our process is designed to make this clearance process as pain free as possible.

HMRC authorisation

We need to acquire authorisation from HMRC in order to access your tax details and become registered as your agent for each tax.

Access to 3 power apps

We need to timetable your deadlines, set up reminders and access your bookkeeping software to help you start saving time straight away with automated receipt and bill capture via DEXT.

Ready to get started?

Please work your way through items 1 to 3, this is a carefully curated list of everything we need to get the ball rolling.

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What our clients say...

"I'd highly recommend Joan and her team for all aspects of accountancy. Her calm and friendly approach combined with a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of accounting make Joan a key part of my business."
Emma Corkish
Director October Creative
"You have offered me guidance of the highest quality and there is no one I would want more to handle my affairs other than you"
Kevin Parker
"I thought I had a pretty good handle on my company finances before I started working with Joan. I now could not imagine working without the support of her company, Adams O'Rourke. Joan's attention to detail, her gracious willingness to broach potentially challenging discussions and her unflagging commitment to developing both her offering and my business are stand-out strengths. If you're a small business looking for an accountant that will truly partner with you in your journey of growth, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adams O'Rourke."
Dr Will Sopwith
Director, Willsop Ltd