Don’t neglect your Balance Sheet

Business owners tend to focus on increasing profit and driving down costs. While this is important, you must not neglect your Balance Sheet. Profitable businesses can and do go broke; your Balance Sheet is a key indicator of how solvent … Read More

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Scary Scammers… What to avoid

Halloween is the season for scary tricks, ghoulish pranks and chilling treats, but nothing is scarier than falling victim to fraud. To help you avoid this, make yourself aware of popular scams and follow these safety tips. 1) Taking advantage … Read More


Setting up a limited company in 1,2,3…

A guide as to how you can set up a limited company Setting up a Limited Company is one of the most tax efficient ways to be rewarded for all the efforts of running your own business. Operating as a … Read More

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Fixed Fee Pricing – we are Champions

Pricing…we are Champions When it comes to pricing, every client is different, there are several variables to consider, from the size and complexity of your business to the number of employees, volume of transactions, the quality of your record keeping, … Read More

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New IR35 changes effective 6th April 2020

Government changes to IR35 legislation (off-payroll working rules) will take effect from the 6th April 2020. This will affect: Contractors working through a Personal Service Company (PSC) Recruitment agencies, and All end-clients who are large and medium-sized (as defined by … Read More


Limited company travel expenses – what you can and can’t claim

‘Leave it to me, I’ll put this on expenses!’ ‘My accountant claims for everything’ “It’s okay, I’ll put it on the business” These must be the top 3 most uttered claims of all time when it comes to business expenses… … Read More